solar chimney (passive cooling)

i just got an update on the PC chimney (passive cooling). it is nice and simple. much more refined than the model i have suggested.

solar studies ...

here is a page from one of Colin Grover' e-mails. his former prof Leon wrote a small review of the pinedale house project. it is interesting. have a read. tomek


the beginning of a new layer...

we have begun all this last summer. the house has been in our possession since 2001. our son was just turning 1 when we first moved in after finishing some small renovations, well maybe not so small, and now the changes are a lot bigger. we decided to stay here simply because of the neighborhood and the sheer proximity of downtown. we did think about moving somewhere, where we could build new, but i always loved the idea of reusing an older building. there is so many great examples of this treatment in this city. i will try to collect some of my favorite homes this summer as i try to squeeze in some riding (or maybe scootering) with our friend colin A. this is a test of my hobby building skills.
here are a couple of drawings i did of the future pinedale house. i will fill in the story as we ramble on. tomek