kitchen, the hub

i found a nice model picture of the kitchen.
i have worked on this with Edita, my sister in-law, and my boss. i work with her and my brother Artur at m-concept. a young design company. we design, import and install beautiful italian kitchen. we had a few different approaches to this floor plan, but that's the winner. it was her idea to conceil the bathroom with the tall cabinets, i think it's brilliant. it should arrive here in winnipeg first week of september.


57 is the magic number

Josh has nailed about 800 nails on the second floor. every hanger has to have all the nail holes filled. wow. the pictured hanger has 57 nails, there is also a different hanger with 77 nails. i hope his wrist is doing OK.

moving downstairs

everything (almost) upstairs is done. we are waiting on windows. there where some changes made in sizing due to stars errors, i think. but the date for installs is august 4th. we need to install four retainer just for my peace of mind. mid-west is doing this for me. i really like dealing with these guys. they are able to fabricate small orders, unless you need laser cutting service or milling.

we have moved down stairs and Graham and Josh have been tearing the back of our house to shreds. they have re-build most of it, and i have to say, it looks great. now you can see the shape of the building. i had a lot of planning to do this weekend. laying out the interior walls, figure out the stairs, and kitchen/bathroom upstairs. it's all done now. we can proceed forward.

i met with my painter. Ash, another young man, with a tones of experience. we will be spaying the upstairs ceiling and the beams this week , and later we'll paint the walls. it's a cleaner approach.

no roof yet?

next week will be very interesting.