i'm crying because i'm happy, really.

the roof is up. it looks supper. there is some more work to do on the beam hangers. 57 nails in each beam, and there are many beams. that's a sore wrist forecast. other than the happy moments, i have to deal with some unhappy neighbors. the size and proximity are proving themselves to be a bigger challenge than possibly expected. but what is there to do. it has been in the works for more than a year now, and there is no way of stopping this now. it's like turning a titanic in a sea of jello. but we must go on, there is absolutely no other choice. do i regret having been put in this situation, yes. i never thought that esthetics are such a effecting issue. religion, politics, and race have always been reasons for neighbors to not be 'friendly', or for moving. it's really to bad.

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