meet the players, meet the plan

the roof is on the ground, and being disposed off. it is incredible how much material is in a small building.

from here on it is mostly adding on material. it is very exciting to see the building taking shape. these men are the two responsible for all the carpentry. Graham and his apprentice Larry. i have first met Graham through cycling. we have raced together for a few years now. it is difficult to estimate someones skills without seeing their work, but i had a good feeling, when he said to me "i am very good". so far, he is very good! however, his company is nameless, having just recently gone independent. if there any of you have any 'good' ideas, please post them. i will show him your suggestions. the winner will be invited to our house warming party.

yesterday i had a chance to walk the floor layout in real time. it is so different to experience this in person, than on paper or with a 3-D models. in the background of all this excitement, the HVAC is almost ready to roll, electrical and plumbing is just waiting to roll in, maybe next week. Zbyszek is out of town for a couple of week, but the roof will be waiting for him by the end of this week. windows are being fabricated as we speak. it's all cooking.

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  1. Tomek-I have also tried offering a reward in exchange for a really good business name. No luck yet :(