raising the roof

after postponing the roof-raising two times, we finally had a date set. thursday july 2. star delayed our construction by a week. the truss engineer lost page 12b out of our book and couldn't complete his work on time? fortunately Colin Grover made him stay late after work to complete his homework. it got done. the material was delivered on july second as promised. ironically it rained all weekend. thanks Ted

the roof is off, well done Graham. i was there with few of our neighbors in the morning to watch the show put on by Ken, the boom truck operator. it was fascinating. the amount of control he had over this massive machine. i have made a video of this but i don't know how to turn the image around. now the fun begins. in about 8 days we'll have the second floor up and i can get to work on the electrical and plumbing. keep watching.

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